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Agra city is world famous for its seventh wonder - Taj Mahal – besides another two important heritage monuments Red Fort, Jehangir Palace and Fatehpur Sikri. More than just a decadent city of graveyards and stones, Agra is the symbol of a bygone era. It is a vibrant centre of Culture, Art and Religious philosophies that have enriched mankind over centuries. There are many other heritage sites that add to its list. In the modern context, Agra has developed into an industrial city.
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal celebrated 350 years of existence as the symbol of Love and Beauty. It is the most extravagant monument ever to be built in the name of love. Shahjahan built it in the in memory of his wife Mumtaz. It took 20,000 workers and artisans almost 15 years to complete the monument. After the completion, thousands of main artisans faced amputation of working limbs lest they replicate another monument. The beauty of Taj Mahal peaks during full moon nights.
Agra Fort
Emperor Akbar built the massive Agra Fort on the banks of river Yamuna. The construction with 20 mtr high walls was for military purpose. Shahjahan subsequently converted some portion of it into palace.
Jehangir Palace
The architecture of Jehangir Palace is an excellent blend of Hindu and Mughal styles. This building was built by Akbar as the largest fort residence.
The Emperor Shahjahan built Diwan-i-Am where he gave audience to the public and his officials.
The Emperor Shahjahan built Diwan-i-Khas where he met and gave private audience to the people of importance. Where there used to be a Peacock throne, now only a marble niche is left.
Musamman Burj
This exquisite octagonal structure stands close to Diwan-i-Khas. This is where his son Aurangazeb imprisoned Shahjahan.
Jama Masjid
Shahjahan also built Jama Masjid, the mosque, in 1648 in the name of his daughter Jahanara. Aurangzeb along with Shahjahan also imprisoned her.
Itmadud Daulad
On the banks of the River Yamuna is Itmadud Daulad, which is the tomb of the famous poet Mirza. It was his daughter Noorjahan who married Jehangir.
Akbar's Mausoleum
This is the tomb commissioned by Akbar himself, blending styles of all the religions. Know More about Agra Travel 

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