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India is the most Beautiful country and largest democracy in the world. The tourist is surprised to find more than he comes expecting. There are best preserved monuments, forts, palaces, temples, churches, including diverse cultural and traditional heritages. There are also a great number of beautiful beaches, pristine locales and hill stations. The nature and wildlife watching tigers is best protected. The enjoyment is heightened with adventure activities.
The camel and elephant ride makes you feel a King. It is quite mesmerizing there are 15 officially recognized languages and more than 200 dialects spoken in the country. India is also leading the world in the Cyber language. 'Namaste' is the traditional way of greeting, and people are most docile, hospitable and generous in showering their love on the guests.
Delhi Tourism
Delhi, the capital of India is the queen of cities. Delhi is one of the best examples of what an old historical and modern city could be. Indraprastha is the ancient name of Delhi and the exact location is difficult to specify as there existed seven cities. As many more are said to have existed when smaller settlements and forts are counted together. Several centuries after great Indian epic of Mahabharata, many empires have ruled Delhi.

Delhi has the mythology and history intertwined. The events of the rule only started to be recorded in 11th century. The popular name from the lineage of the Tomars is recorded in the name of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. The construction of many temples and a fort called Qila Rai Pithora stand in his name. The history of Delhi is filled with rise and fall of dynasties that ruled here. The period thereafter saw the emergence of Muslims rule with the game called turbulence. Keeping the posterity in mind, Qutubunddin Aibak built Qutab Minar the world highest tower.

The beauty of Delhi kept on flourishing while turbulence kept playing its own part. The time then moved on to Alauddin Khilji Dynasty in 13th century who built Siri Fort.
Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq succeeded him and built a magnificent fort at Tughlaqabad, which is perhaps the most beautiful of ruins in India. His nephew Ferozshah built a fort Ferozshah Kotla in the backdrop of which the game of cricket is played today. Shahjahanabad came up to become a living legacy, in the form of Red Fort, Jama Masjid the world’s largest mosque, and Chandni Chowk that today is Asia’s largest wholesale market.

With the rising influence of British who had swayed almost entire country, started building their own architectural landmarks that were totally different in concept than Hindus or Mughals. The New Delhi is called Lutyen’s Delhi. The structures to be marveled are the well laid out buildings and gardens of Connaught Place, Rashtrpati Bhawan, Parliament House, India Gate, etc. Know More about Delhi Tourism

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