Pushkar Tourism

Pushkar Fair is another star attraction for tourists from within India and across the globe. Ajmer serves as the base for visiting ancient religious town of Pushkar which is 11 km. It is the abode of and the only temple in the world of Lord Brahma. The temple and picturesque Pushkar Lake is a sacred spot for Hindus. During the Hindu month of Kartik (generally in November), devotees throng in large numbers here to worship and take a dip in the sacred lake. All roads lead to the lake.
During this period the town is transformed into a confluence of religious and social revellery. Villager from different parts come in their traditionally best attire and further add tattoo beauty. They trade and parade their cattle, predominently the Camels, which are presented in their cosmetically best. Come the evening, the entire mood changes to passionate folk songs, dance and music. 

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